Address Book

I reformatted my hard drive and want to reinstall eM Client…When I do will my contacts reappear or are they gone forever?

I’m afraid your contacts (and other data, like e-mail and events) will be lost.

But it’s dependent on the place (folder) where you had stored the data for eM Client.

The default data directory is C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

(at least, this is the path under Windows 8.1)

You might have changed this path earlier in eM Client. I for example save my data on my D: drive, so in case I want to install a new operating system on my C: drive, I only need to format my C: drive and won’t loose my data on my D: drive.

Maybe you’ve made a backup of this directory to another (external) hard disk before you formatted your C: drive?

Hi, if you have not created backup of your database or you do not have your data synchronized on the server then they are lost.