Adding to Contacts does not check for duplicate contacts

when right-clicking on Sender’s address of an email I added the item to Contacts.
I noticed that application does not check for duplicate item even when exactly similar contact exists!
I think this must be treated more inteligently by checking and reporting similar Contact Title or similar address

Hi, we have deduplicator tool for this, Tools - Deduplicator.


Hi John,

It’s of course more efficient if eM Client would notice an end user immediately if eM Client thinks that an end user is adding a contact which is already existing.

That’s much more user friendly than that an end user has to start a manual task looking for duplicated contacts.

It is actually a great idea, if you would start idea topic about it I would keep it under consideration and then report to my superiors.


I’ve made a new idea for this topic.


I have marked it as “Under consideration”.