Adding signatures from external program

At work I use Outlook and have an ancient 3rd party software called Kookiejar to add a funny quote at the end of all my emails, because you know, all IT-guys aren’t squares in a round-pegged world. :wink:

Anyway, Kookiejar uses a pre-configged template and a variable in the signature template file where the quote should be added.

Can eM client do the same, ie use a predetermined signature file?

I checked the signature files in appdata\roaming\emclient but it seems that eM uses a sqlite backend for this. I think.

Can eM client use external sig-files at all?

Unfortunately eM Client does not work like that.

Kookiejar creates new signature files on a schedule does it not, or randomly replaces text in the signature? The IceWarp integration in eM Client allows syncing signatures with that specific server, so if the signature on the server was periodically replaced it would be updated in eM Client. But I don’t use IceWarp, so have no idea how you go about changing the server based signatures. Of course this is completely useless information if you are not connecting to an IceWarp server. :slight_smile:


Yes, correct, on a preset schedule it randomly replaces text as long as the text in the template is “%QUOTE”.

Anyway, i’ll look up IceWarp and see what it’s all about.

Setting up a whole server-infrastructure to add a funny mail quote to a mail may be on the slightly overkill side, but doable I guess.

Thanks for the hint!

Yeah, I guess IT guys have nothing better to do. :wink:

eM Client also has a rebranded client specifically for IceWarp, the IceWarp Desktop Client, but it is essential the same application.

Spot on!