Adding separate Google Contacts account

I am using eM Client as a mail client for a couple of ymail email accounts. I am trying to also make use of the contacts element which I have stored in Google Contacts and would like to sync this account separately. Whenever I try to add it, it does not seem to recognise the account and asks me to re-enter the email address and password…am I doing something wrong?

Hi James, unfortunately it is not possible to synchronize your Google Contacts separately as a single account, the service Google is using can only synchronize both Calendar and Contacts items. You should be able to setup the service for these items only by using your email address and password in the automatic setup.

Proceed with the steps to setup the account and you should be able to choose which services you want to use this account with, uncheck Mail and Chat in order to setup a calendar/contacts account only.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul, thanks for the response. I have finally got round to trying this and I still seem to be having difficulties. Every way I try to do it, when I click on the final ‘OK’ a box pops up asking for username and password to be verified, I have typed and retyped this but it never seems to like it!!

I have now worked this out, I needed to change the settings on my google account to allow other apps to use my Google information…sorted! Thanks very much.

Hi James, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, you can also download the latest version of eM client which features OAuth as a more secured way for connecting to your gmail account - without the need to adjust the preferences.