Adding online Archive to eM Client


Trying to decide if eM Client is going to work out for use 300+ employees but I do not see a way to access our online archive accounts.  Is it possible to access our Archive exchange server from eM? This automatically was added in Outlook when setup up a new profile that has an archive.

This is for a separate Exchange server we archive too. Thanks.

Hi Anthony,
unfortunately, version 6 doesn’t have this feature implemented. I’ll set this as an Idea topic so our engineers can consider this functionality for future versions.

Best regards,

Just bumping this, I am looking at moving to use this for a whole company but it doesn’t support the Office 365 online archive feature as far as I can tell in version 8.x

This thread was opened with version 6, and even in version 7 eM Client only supported archiving on a few servers.

Now archiving seems to be universally supported. Selecting the message and using Ctrl+Shift+A, or clicking the Archive button, will move the message from its current location to the Archive folder on the server.

I am referring to the online archive Office365 offers, just checking we are discussing the same feature?