adding new email files to an already running eM Client

I installed eM Client on a new computer to replace an old computer using Outlook Express.  It connected fine to my email server and downloaded new emails immediately.  Trouble is, the old computer crashed and I had to hire a friend to recover the old emails from Outlook Express. Now , it is 2 weeks later and a lot of emails have downloaded to the eM Client.  Can I now add (import)  those emails from the old computer (from Outlook Express)  to my new computer running the eM Client without losing all the newer emails already downloaded?
Hope someone can help me.

Hi Phill,

As far as I know, you can import an Outlook PST file in eM Client without losing your current data (File > Import).

To be sure: make a backup first (File > Backup) and make a copy of your current data directory as used by eM Client.

But I can imagine that you might want to wait for a more ‘official’ answer of one of the employees of eM Client.

Hi, yes as Hans suggested, you should be able to import .pst file containing messages from Outlook, straight into your current mail setup.
Let me know if this worked for you.

Thank you,

I thought Outlook Express used a different file extension than Outlook. Wouldn’t the files be a .dbx format?  Should I still be looking for the .pst files instead of .dbx?  Thanks in advance to Paul and Hans.


I’m actually not completely sure about that, but there’s an Outlook Express import option as well in eM Client, so if you go to File > Import > Outlook Express and navigate to the folder where your data is, you should be able to import everything you need.

Hope this helps,