Adding Google calendar events via the Google Android app is not updating in eM Client V9.2.1222

I noticed a few weeks ago that with the latest eM Client V9.2.1222 for Windows (haven’t tested my Mac yet) that if you add a new Google Calendar event (via your Android app), it then appears ok in your Google calendar online via a browser, but “never appears in eM Client” Google calendar.

However if you create an event in your same Google calendar account online via the browser, (it does appear in eM Client ok) within a few seconds, so I know eM Client is not being blocked or that wouldn’t work that way.

So I am thinking Google have maybe updated something in their latest Android Google Calendar app that is now not compatible with eM Client and so only shows in Google calendar online via the browser.

I wonder if there is maybe now some weird eg: non standard html or other stuff that is synching from their app to the Google Calendar online that is now affecting calendar app created events to then not sync to eM Client after they show online.

I’ve replicated this over and over and will now only sync Google Calendar events (when I enter them via the browser online) which is annoying.

I mainly use my mobile alot in the day to enter & read Google Calendar events as are out and about, so need to see those the same Google calendar app events in eM Client too.

The Google calendar app version for Android from the Playstore is as below screenshot. I’m also using Android 13 on my mobile phone.

(Google calendar app version for Android)

Lastly I also tested creating a calendar event using my Outlook Calendar app using my same Android mobile, and it does appear online ok and in eM Client ok. So it’s just something with the Google Calendar app that is not updating in eM Client.

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  1. Are you sure Calendar Sync is turned on your Android phone?
    The steps may be different depending on the Android version. On mine (v10), it is under Settings > Accounts > Selecting an account > Account sync > Turning on Account sync for Google Calendar.

  2. If the above doesn’t apply, what happens when you manually sync your calendar (on your Android phone)? (At the top left, tap Menu and then Refresh).

  3. Finally, make sure Storage is allowed under the app permissions.

Hope it helps.


Are you sure Calendar Sync is turned on your Android phone.

Yes the Calendar Sync in my Android phone is turned on.

It’s not a problem with my Android phone synching events via the Google Calendar app to my Google calendar online. That works fine and new events appear within a few seconds online.

The problem is that eM Client is then just not synching / picking up the new Google Calendar events that are (created by the Google Calendar app) on the Android mobile that are appearing online ok.

eM Client is now only synching / picking up new Google Calendar events (that I enter directly on the webpage online) in Google calendar using my computer, but not picking up from the app even though the mob calendar events appear online ok.

So as I suggested previously, it seems like either the Google Calendar app has been eg: possibly updated by Google and now not compatible in some way with eM Client, or eM Client new version had some changes where it’s now no longer picking up / synching Google calendar events created by the Google Calendar app on Android.

So the Google Calendar app events are definitely synching fine to my online Google calendar account, just not showing up any longer in eM Client where they used to previously fine.

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I have eventually resolved this issue.

After repairing eM Client calendar again still made no difference. Also restoring many different prev V9.x backups made no difference.

So I removed the account again in eM Client and again cleared the cache and data in the Google calendar app for Android, and then removed the account in the app and uninstalled the app.

Then reinstalled the Google Calendar app on my mobile and re-added my Google account. Then re-added my Google account in eM Client which then started re-synching from the server and fixed the problem after re-adding new events in the app.

I have no idea where the problem was only that it’s now working / synching ok.

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