Adding events to calendar


When I am adding multiple events to the calendar is there any way I can add them all without having to use the “Save & Close” option after each one? I have not been able to find another method and having to re-open the calendar each time for several additions is a pain. There should be just a “Save” option after each addition and then “Save & Close” when finished?

Maybe I am missing something?

Thanking you in advance.


As far as i know, you can only add one calendar event at a time.

If you have created a new event, or are editing an existing event, and you have changes you want to save, but not close the event, select Menu > File > Save. The event will be saved, and the window will remain on the screen.

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Hey Gary!

Thank you for the tip! I will defnitely try that to save having to re-open the calendar each time to add another event.

Thanks again!

Well, this won’t create a new event every time you choose Save. It will just save the current event.

I understand and maybe rather than having to make three three clicks to enable this there should be a drop down box on “Save & Close” which indicates “Save”. This would enable the calendar to stay on the screen while other events or edits can be performed. Having to re-open the calendar each time to enable multiple entries is cumbersome.

Thanks for your help as always!