Adding an email to existing rule is too convoluted

As the title suggests there are too many steps to do this.

The Problem
The biggest problem of all users is to keep their inbox slim and organised. Most of us get hundreds of emails a week that aren’t spam but that need sorting into folders. So we have to make rules that automatically move emails we want to keep but read later when we have time to a folder so only the relevant stuff remains in the inbox.

In emclient if you use the: right click on address > Create Rule From… option with every new email sender your rules list gets unwieldy and the rule titles are un-discernable. Because of this its quite useless really. Only good for the first time the rule is made.

After that we have to dig deep! First you have to select the email, right click on the address and copy to clipboard then you have to go to Menu>Tools>Rules>double click on the rule (if you’ve named it well) click on the link that looks like it would take you to one email address but its actually the dialog to add an email to the list that the rule applies to> then past it> press OK > press Finish>Close the Rules list…get my drift? It’s just not practical to do that multiple times a day.
And you cant keep the rule’s email list window open to paste in another email. So you have to repeat the process for every email!

I have bought several licenses for a medical client but this is embarrassing. As you know, many practitioners in that industry are either technophobes or want things to be quick and simple or they will complain or hand it on to admin or IT people to solve.

The Solution
Two possible ways (including both in EC is preferred):

  1. drag n drop (holding a modifier or 2 such as alt or cntl+alt) the email from the inbox to the relevant folder will add the email to the list of the user defined existing “default rule” for that folder. That would be awesome and quick!

  2. A button on the toolbar that immediately brings up a dialog allowing you to, with the next click, assign the email to an existing rule. I say next click because even once you have the rule list up currently you have to go thru many steps to just add the email to the list in that rule and get back to work.

This would  greatly improve our daily workflow. Please hear us.

EDIT: another 3rd option, similar to “Create Rule From…” is “Add email to Existing Rule” and with next click select the rule and when you hit ok (or double click the rule) youre back to work!

Yeah this is something that has frustrated me with every email client ever.  

Considering that almost everyone who organises their email at all, does it based on the senders’ email addresses / domain names… I don’t understand why there doesn’t seem to be any email client on the planet that can easily organise them this way… without requiring 1000s of GUI clicks to create rules.

I like your drag and drop idea (#1).  The closest thing I’ve ever found to this is the Thunderbird plugin:

To add to your idea, it would also be good if these rules / defaults could apply to whole domain names.  So maybe instead of a modifier key… you could use the right mouse button to drag (this is also more user friend to non-tech people), and it then shows a menu with options:

  • Always move emails from to this folder
  • Always move emails from * to this folder

Ray, to have a Rule affect whole domains or sub-domains, you can use the with words found in the header option.

This Rule will always move messages from

Ben, you can always rename your Rule by clicking Next. The last screen in the wizard is where you can enter a descriptive name that suits your needs.

Ben, I don’t see how “Add email to Existing Rule” would work. 

This is an example of a typical Rule in my list.

What will be added to the existing Rule? Which argument will it be added to? How will that be decided, and how complicated will the wizard need to be to take in all considerations.

It is just a lot easier to simply copy the email address, open the Rule and paste it in as you have described. It is not really that many steps, and you only add an address once. Once all the Rules are setup, there will be nothing more to do.

Hi Gary thanks for your reply. Its quite obvious what our issue is. And its not just felt by a few people, its many. 

I have recommended a lot of friends and colleagues emClient and most of them have said to me that dealing with the copious amounts of emails they get  which they want to keep  gets out of hand and like all the rest of the offline clients available, it’s a process that takes too long and is too convoluted. Even more so in emClient

Yes you could cast dispersion on the request by saying its not that simple…but you’re wrong, yes it is.

We dont need to be talking about all the other conditions or actions available in the filter. Whats required is a simple default to be set and used when a particular keycommand or soft button is used to improve our work flow i_mmensely. _

With this proposed command, we are only concerned with  one  condition “from people” with a quick solution (like the spam action) to apply it to that single email or the whole domain its from. And  one  action, which i_f done by drag n drop as we suggest doesnt need any specifying_, ie “move to folder x” where x is the  folder you drag to. When done this way, the choice of action needs no other effort. Simple and quick.

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