Adding an Apple Calendar

Win 8.1- eM Client 6.0.22344.0
How do I add a public iCloud calendar I have been invited to join?
If I use the link in the invitation email I am offered lots of apps but not eM Client.
I seem to remember with Outlook I pasted an .ics link into an import page, but the invitation I have received does not provide one??

Hello Peter, have you been added to the calendar as a sharee? On iCloud you can setup a calendar folder sharing that should allow you to see the calendar in the list of your calendars automatically when you accept the invitation to view this calendar. You should not be required to setup the calendar as an additional account.

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Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.
Yes I am a sharee and the calendar was one I had added to Outlook when I was using it.
I was wanting to achieve the same in eMC.
I have tried two ways to achieve it.
Re-inviting myself which sends me an email to respond to, but then Windows takes over and offers the choices Outlook, Chrome or Online apps to open it, not eMC.
The other way was to Import an ics file in eMC but the link does not include ‘.ics’ and so it fails. I have tried adding it manually but still no joy. The link provided is similar to that below.


Hello Peter, this is a link to a web calendar, eM Client is unfortunately unable to subscribe to online calendars, however as I suggested, you can share the calendar with your account from the online iCloud interface.

Click on the sharing icon in the UI, and select “Private calendar” to add members for subscribing this calendar. If you add your email address to the list of members the calendar should appear automatically below the rest of your calendars in eM Client as well.

Calendar subscription is currently not supported.


Thanks again Paul.
I was allready listed there so I re-invited myself but after processing iCloud comes back with the error, “Can’t join calendars you are sharing.”
Perhaps that is because I am doing all of it from the same laptop??

Hello Peter, if you’ve setup the calendar sharing on account a and tried to add the same account to the calendar, why would you need to subscribe this calendar if you’re the owner or sharer of the calendar? Such calendar should be automatically listed below your account if you have your iCloud account setup in eM Client including your Mail and Calendar services.


Thanks again for persisting with this. 
The iCloud account is not mine but my wife’s and I just want to be able to view one of her four calendars. The one in question has been shared to one of my email address but it does not appear in eMC. That is why I have tried to subscribe to it. Does that make sense? Difficult to convey all the detail in a thread.

Can you please send me a screenshot of this calendar settings (same as I sent you) from your account, to see what you’re trying to setup?
You can send me the screenshot to my work mail, if you’d like to carry on the conversation more privately in case we need to exchange some additional logging data.

Please include a reference link of this forum topic in case you’d be submitting data to my email.

Thank you,

All sorted now, thanks for your help!

Hello again Peter, glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.