Adding additional people to a calendar invite

Hello - can anyone advise me if its possible to add additional people to a meeting I’ve created in the calendar - and only send them the invite rather than everyone who’s already attending.
Thanks in advance, Neil


Yes, if you are the organizer of the event, you can add other attendees. Just open the event and add them.

As the event has changed once you do that, all the attendees will get an updated version of the event sent to them. That goes for any change you make to the event.

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Thanks for the speedy response Gary :slight_smile: - although as way of feedback that can be troublesome as not everybody needs to know when another person is added. In this case, it’s just a reminder for people who’ve signed up for a webinar with us…Just wondering if there’s a work around or if you might consider it as a function for future versions please. Cheers, Neil


There is no option for BCC attendees on events.

If you just want to notify someone of the event, but not invite them, send them an email.

I host large group zoom meetings and frequently add participants to them after the initial meeting is created. Sending the entire attendee list a new invite everytime I add an additional participant is less than ideal and can be pretty irritating to the participants. Sending the additional participant an email instead of the calendar invite means I need to copy and paste the event details (which are already in the body of the calendar invite) and doesn’t create a placeholder in the recipient’s calender.

I’d like to second the request for the ability to add a participant to a calendar invite without sending a notification to the full group, but only to the newly added participant.


Is it possible that updates are sent to all participants even if I (also participant) copy the appointment into another folder, for example - to see all my appointments in one place?

I am currently despairing that from my mailbox (where I have received and confirmed an invitation) updates (perceived as ‘spam’) are sent to all participants several times. And again, I am not the organiser of the original appointment (although eM Client lists me as the organiser in the destination folder of my copy).

Regards, Stephan

3rd support to allow sending updates to added attendees only. It really is annoying receiving an update to a meeting invite when only another attendee was added. Outlook does it as requested. :wink:

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Another upvote for this feature. It’s really annoying and confusing for attendees that are already in the meeting to receive invites multiple times when I add new people to the event.

Every other email client just either gives you the option to only send an update to the newly added attendee, or just sends an updated invitation, which does not require any action. I have people accepting the same meeting multiple times even though nothing has changed for them.

Another feature that is missing is to add a comment when cancelling a meeting. Right now there is no such option. It just sends a cancellation, but I have to manually send a mail to all attendees notifying them why the meeting is cancelled.

This is quite basic stuff really.

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