Adding a Yahoo account that has 2-Step Verification enabled

Hello team. I really want to give this software a try but I can’t get past the password prompt when adding my Yahoo account.  I have Yahoo’s 2-step verification enabled. I have created the Yahoo app password for “em client” in the Yahoo security settings, and I have entered this password into the password box for this account in eM Client, but it doesn’t take it.  What else can I try?  Thank you.

One thing you could try is to disable 2-step, setup the account in eM Client, then enable it again afterwards.

Huh this is funny. I didn’t disable the two-step verification through Yahoo, but instead I went home and installed eM Client on a different computer at home, and it worked this time!  The only two differences were that this was a different computer than the first try, and also this time I used the special Yahoo app password when I first created the account, instead of using my regular Yahoo password and then replacing it with the app password later. Who knows but I’m glad it’s working though.

That is good to know. :slight_smile: