Adding a border or shading around embedded images

I often send partial screen caps to people. The problem is that:

  • the background is white.
  • the background of the screencap is white.
  • it’s often difficult to tell that it IS a screen cap (unless I Photoshopped it).

What I’d like to be able to do (and what I used to do with Outlook) is to add a border or some shading around the embedded screencap.

Is this currently possible (or even planned), as I sure can’t see it.

Edit: OK, I figure the best I can currently do is to insert a 1x1 table and put the image inside that.

Interesting. I am just moving to EMC. I hope they can consider “PAGE COLOR OPTIONS” as a feature request. Meanwhile, thanks for the table workaround.

Hello Andrew,
we currently don’t have a feature to add borders to images inside the message.
If you often send pictures with white backgrounds though, I recommend setting up a template for your emails with a slightly darker background, but the table workaround works just as well :slight_smile:

Best regards,

TEMPLATES…works perfectly. Page Color Options there all along. Thanks!

Yep, so I’m using a template (or a table). There isn’t, however the ability to put a border or shading around an image otherwise. It gets the job done.

Ah, yes. I guess I forgot that I will be missing the option to have a DROP SHADOW (

I’ll forward your ideas for consideration in the future updates.

Best wishes,

Yes, please do! As a software developer I too send a couple of screenshots a day. It would be very helpful to be able to add a border.