Added features: printing options and performance issues

I am planning on purchasing approximately 12-13 licenses, however I would like to know if a few things are in the roadmap for a future release of emClient.

  1. printing options: I saw that printing got alot of new features for version 5, but there are still a few features that I find are lacking compared to Thunderbird. For example, be able to print multiple emails on individual pieces of paper. Right now, if I try to print 4 emails from 4 clients they will all print on the same piece of paper if they fit. This is a problem for us since we would like 4 pieces of paper to put in 4 different physical files.

  2. performance issues: I have a rather large imap account (many folders of over 100,000 emails) and emClient has a really hard time handling this account. After the first 40,000 emails have been synchronized things slow down drastically. Are there some performance optimizations in the roadmap?

Thank you for your time,


  1. I have added it to our list of feature requests but it will take some time until it is released.
  2. What is the size of your database folder?

Sorry for the delayed response.

The database is approximately 323 MB, however I only managed to synchronize 3 folders out of about 13-15 folders.

he 3rd folder took approximately 4 hours to synchronize. The folders contained 30k, 80k and 130k emails.

I would of had many more folders to synchronize, but after those 3 I just gave up because it was way too long to load. The cpu was at 100% the whole time and towards the end it would take approximately 5 seconds to sync 10 emails.

If you need more data to try and optimize emClient please don’t hesitate to ask.



Hi again, I forgot to mention that another nice feature would be a button in the toolbar that lets toggle between displaying all the emails or only the unread emails.

This is very practical when your unread emails are spread out in time.


When it slows down again, please run the tool available from… It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to us. Thanks.