Add week numbers to the Calender


Take a look, it’s there under settings->calendar

Correct, the latest update supports it, but the week numbers do not match.

It mentions for instance week 26 while it is week 25.


Id vote for showing the month in a sumarrized way, the way it is, some users are confused although it states at the top the date range. Besides the week numbers, in month view, lets say youre viewing a calendar that shows both Jan and February, on the 1st of February, it could show FEB or something like that in the cel.


See also my question:…
where i have put my knowledge about week numbers.

Lucanet, can you be more specifiec?
I see the numbers now (regardless of their accuracy) at the right place in the Month view.
What you may seem to address is the entries “Week xx”, which is, tmho, a leftover of the development.
In place I would like to see the week numbers as an extension to the week overview title: “21 - 25 June, week 26”. Just as in the month view.

We are about to order 10 licenses. Before doing so, I’d like to see this feature implemented correctly.

As far as I an see this still only works in month view

Since week numbers are quite important in my country, Sweden, I think it could be wisely displayed in many more positions than in in the current “Month View”. I.e. in the small compact month display at the bottom left. And/or at the “Week View” heading added after the star- and end dates of current week. It’s an optional display for those that don’t like week numbers.

[eM is a very promising Outlook replacement doing MOST things right on my Surface Pro - as opposed OL 2013. I’d be glad to shell out the asked amount for this. Thank you!]

Yes, and it has been 4 years now and it is still not implemented. When can we expect it?

Hi Rene, Week numbers have been implemented into the application several updates updates ago, you can see the week number in the “Month view” of your calendar.

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What I mean is the addition to the WEEK-view.
I made screengrabs to stipulate what and where in the topic:

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Hi again Rene, we’re currently working on adding this feature to an upcoming release of eM Client.

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