add to dictionary doesn't work

Dear eM Client Team,

I’m German and am trying to add the word “Suse” which is a nickname of the name Susanne to my dictionary. Unfortunately it doesn’t work while I’m in the German spell check language. I’ve been able to add the word in English (USA) spell check language, however I have to use German, too, so I would also like to add the word to my German dictionary.
Could you please help!

Hi Philippus, is the word still underlined after adding it to the dictionary, or what is exactly the issue after adding it?
Can you please go to your local folder > App Data > eM client > Dictionaries, and send me the german dictionary (de) file to my email (

What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, yes, the word is still underlined. It is the first time this happens to me. And I can still add other words to the dictionary. However I’m not able to add the word “Suse”.
Via e-mail I sent you the german dictionary files.

My eM Client version is 6.0.20617.0

Thanks, Philippus