Add "To" column, make thicker scrollbars

I’m really liking emClient but two things bother me:

Why is there no “To” column available? In Columns Configuration, in the Show these Columns list, “To” is not available to choose from. In catchall accounts, I really need to see who the message was sent to without having to open message details every time.

Also, all the scrollbars are hard to use because they are so thin. On a high-resolution smaller screen (eg, my laptop) it requires precise mouse/pointer positioning to grab. Please make it more user friendly by being at least a little wider.

In the default compact view only three columns are displayed; From, Subject and Date. If you want to display more columns, you need to change this to the single line view. To do that grab and move the right border of the message list so that you are increasing the width. After a few pixels it should change to a single line view. Then right-click on a column header and choose Columns Configuration. But I personally like the compact view, so I have a Rule to add a categories to messages sent to specific addresses. That way there are little colored icons that distinguish which address they were sent to.

The scrollbars can be changed by changing the Theme. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes. Have a look at the difference between Modern and Classic. If you like the Modern Theme, but want a wider scrollbar, you can edit the theme.

Thanks for the reply. In my case, the missing “To” wasn’t caused by the width of the viewing area; it’s also not there if Conversations view is chosen. I disabled conversations/threads or whatever it was called, and now it’s showing as an option (in single line view). I discovered that after reading around the forums. (This really should be more obvious or explained somewhere in the UI)

Regarding scrollbar widths, thanks; I didn’t notice Classic had wider scrollbars.

I do like Modern though – but how do you edit a theme? I can’t see an edit button in the themes dialog. Or would I have to edit a configuration file? (If so, where?)

To edit the theme, you first have to export it. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes. Select the Advanced button and choose Save current theme as.

This saves the theme as an editable text file. You can search this forum for tips on editing the file. When you have finished, you can import it back into eM Client by clicking on the Import button in the theme settings.

Regarding the thickness of the scroll bar, it’s true that you can change it using a theme (that’s what I ended up doing), but I agree that it should be an option within the program itself. After all, only a minority will use a touch screen (if they have one) and the rest of us will greatly benefit from a usable scroll bar…

If another theme does not work for you, then just edit the one you prefer.

The only settings I see for “scrollbar” are those below. Where do I adjust “width” or “thickness” ?

UseSystemScrollbar description=“Use system scrollbars with no automatic hiding”>True/UseSystemScrollbar>
ScrollbarThumb description=“Color of a scrollbar thumb”>#77151F/ScrollbarThumb>
ScrollbarThumbHover description=“Color of a scrollbar thumb when the mouse is over”>#C6838B/ScrollbarThumbHover>