Add "quick actions" that can be put on the toolbar

Like rules, but runnable via clicking an icon in the toolbar or selecting it from a menu. For instance, I’d like to define an action:

When I tag a received message with ‘Shipped’ or ‘Ordered’, I want eM to…

  1. Mark it as read, and
  2. Move it to the ‘Orders’ folder

I could almost do it with rules, except a rule could only be triggered when a message is received with a particular tag(s) - no good. At best, I can set up the rule, mark messages, then ‘apply’ the rule to the inbox, but that takes too many steps.

A ‘quick action’ mechanism opens up a world of automation possibilities, and coding-wise it wouldn’t be much different than rules - possibly as easy as allowing a rule to be placed in a menu or on the toolbar and triggering it on click?

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Please see my comment here: Move email to folder with keyboard shortcut - #2 by Gary