Add option to define view by folder

In Outlook, I can define a view unique to a folder, or use the global view (per template for folder type). For Inbox, Deleted Items and Junk folders, I define a view that does NOT show the preview pane. Instead just the header pane is shown, but I have the option to show up to 3 lines of plain text from each message. This gives me a text-only preview of each message in that folder without rendering the HTML (which can have vulnerabilities in a client). The text-only preview lines let me know what is in a message without having to render the entire HTML-formatted message. I don’t want all folders this way, just the dangerous ones. I might delete a spam/scam message in the Inbox folder (that was never rendered, just the 3-line text-only preview with each message header entry), and I don’t want to render it should I go into the Deleted Items or Junk folders to see it there. Messages moved into the Junk folder (by server-side filtering) might be hazardous, so I don’t want them rendered, but I might want to see 3 lines of plain text showing what the messages contain. Currently there is just one view: the global one for all folders. I would prefer an additional safety net of having some folders to NOT render an HTML-formatted message in a preview pane, and only have a headers list pane along with up to 3 lines of plain-text from each message. Outlook added this safety a long time ago. eM Client should include the safety, too.

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