Add notes to messages?

How about a feature that allows to add (sticky) notes to a message?
They are not part of the message-text, but they are linked to a message and are searchable.
When replying to/forwarding such a message the note is shown.

Use case:

  • use it like a log-file for a long (ongoing) back and forth eMail-dialog
  • add keywords that are suitable for me but do not appear in the message (helps me to find the message with my keywords…)
  • note some vocabulary etc. for communication in a foreign language.
  • note some topics to mention/avoid in the reply/forward

That would be a killer feature for me! Only MailButler offers it, as far as I can see, and that’s way beyond my budget

This feature is a must have for me as well.

Thanks for considering it

This is implemented in version 9.

If you want to try the beta, please first make a backup using Menu > Backup, then download from the Release History.

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