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Having activated the free licence of eM Client a few months ago, and knowing that with this option you can have 2 addresses, today I added a second e-mail address which relies on the German site Ionos) by correctly filling in the SMTP and POP parameters I am seeing that it works as I receive mail and send it correctly. The problem is that I cannot see the folders and sub-folders on the left-hand side of the screen, but can only see the main address.

What should I do to also see the second address and subfolders on the left side of the screen?

lunes 09 octubre 2023 :: 1950hrs (UTC +0100)

I guess you will have forgotten/missed to select this setting during setup.

Store messages in Local Folders

Unfortunately you can not change this and you will need to delete the account and re-enter


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If you manually add a second POP account via “Add account / Mail / Other” , at the end of the wizard “on the last screen” is where you will see to “Create separate folder tree for messages” under the email account or “Store them in Local Folders” at the bottom left as @skybat advised above.