Add Group For Gmail Folders (Labels)?

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I am using eM Client for my Gmail account. In the email list the “root” node for my email account is [email protected] and it’s collapsible. Under the root node is the Inbox and a collapsible node called “[Gmail]” and finally there are all my Gmail labels/folders. Here is a picture:

I was wondering, is there a way that I can combine all the Gmail labels/folders (starting from _RECENT to Websites) and make it collapsible?

If not, I think this would be a good idea. I like to be able to collapse/open folders to make things more readable and as it stands now I cannot collapse all those Gmail folders.

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Hi Jan, I believe you should be able to move all your folders under the [GMail] folder, by simply drag and dropping the folder onto the [GMail] folder.

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Will that change the folder layout on Gmail’s server or just local to eM Client?

While using IMAP, you should be seeing the same folder tree on all your devices, should not matter if you’re using eM Client or the webmail.
All your data should be synchronized between the application and the server.

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