Add Google Hangout to calendar invite

It would be terrific if you could include a Google Hangout link within a Calendar event in eM Client similar to they way that you can when you leverage the Google Calendar directly.

This would be especially helpful for business users who have migrated to the Google App solution for their corporate email and calendar.

Totally agree…

Hello Mike and Benny, unfortunately eM Client doesn’t currently support Google Hangouts but only the Google Talk XMPP services for using the chat service. However thank you for the suggestion we’ll consider improving this in future releases.


At the time being, this is a disqualifying issue for using eM Client.

Can emClient at least sync the video call link from google calendar to description of the calendar entry on the em Client entry?  Otherwise we will still need to open up google calendar to get to the meetings.

thank you for this idea, we’ll consider it for the future update.

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And that is still waiting to happen.

Still waiting on this? Really needs to show the hangouts video link in the location option for invites that are received

Just to emphasize, it is really important to increasing number of businesses, as many are switching to “Google for Business” model

Where does this effort stand? EMClient is worthy for enterprise-wise consideration but without phone or video conference links in the invites (ala Google Calendars), it will always fail the review process. 


We’re aware of this trend but Gmail is unfortunately not willing to provide APIs for GSuite apps. 


Fantastical2 exposes phone or video conference links in their calendar entries from events that originated in GSuite.  That would be a good start. :slight_smile: