Add function "Go To Folder"

When using several accounts with 100+ folders navigating to a folder currently is pretty annoying.

To quickly jump to a folder please add a schortcut that opens the same dialogue as
Ctrl + Shift + V - Move to Folder
Ctrl + Shift + C - Copy to Folder

Where do you want to initiate this shortcut from? Do you mean while viewing the folder list in the left pane of the main interface?

best would be to have it available when beeing in the main window
and when focus is either in

  • folder pane
  • email list
  • email preview pane

and not to forget - having this as a button similar to “move to junk” would be helpfull as well :wink:


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Quick Action Bar would be great to be fair.
At the office using outlook I have a bunch of quick action preset such as move to folder XYZ.
For receipt as an example, I would like to be able to create a quick action button that does Move the selected mail to the Receipt folder…
EmClient doesn’t have that and I’m sometime a bit too lazy to do the 3 step process to sort out the mail box.

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This is very important! Mailbird and Outlook has it and for Thunderbird, you can install the add-on "quick folder move’ to achieve it.

Please add this feature.


Please add a button “Go To Folder” just like the button in the Simplyfile Outlook add-in. It’s just necessary for email users with hundreds of folders/labels. This scrolling is getting old! When added I’ll purchase for myself and try to convince my work to purchase licences. Until then emclient is “not there yet”.