Add extra fields for 'native/localized names' of contacts

I would like to have a ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ field for a contact in which I can write their ‘native/localized’ names…for example in a Russian or Chinese font.

The current ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ fields are used by me to write the ‘English’ name of my contacts.

Hi, this is quite interesting Idea, if more people will request this we could implement this in future updates.


Hi Jan,

Think carefully before you implement this.

I can imagine that people in Russia will always write the Russian names in the current ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ field…so those end users might want to call the new edit field ‘English first name’ and ‘English last name’ or so…

Nevertheless, I still would like to have this kind of functionality :slight_smile:

it’s implementation depends on how many people will +1 this feature, so until more people will show their interest it will not be probably implemented.