Add day of the week and time to auto backup

Backup can disable eMclient for quite a while.  It would be VERY helpful if a non critical day and time coulb be chosen for the operation.  Actually I’m surprised it wasn’t part of the original function.  Most other applications give you those options.

Hi, you should be able to setup a time/date for the backup feature to run in Windows Task Scheduler. Unfortunately this is not a feature of the application at the moment, maybe in future releases.

Thank you, hope this helps,

Sorry to disturb you.  Is “should be able to set up” your idea of customer support?

Hi Blichtenstein,

The advise of Paul is actually quite useful. You should be able to specify when the backup of eM Client runs using the ‘Windows Task Scheduler’ (which is already part of the Windows Operating System and exactly designed for this purpose). 

If Windows has already good support for scheduling tasks, why should eM Client invest resources into developing the same functionality? Better to use their resources to improve e-mail/calendar/contacts/tasks functionality.

Anyway, here are the steps you can try:

  1. enable backups in eM Client.

tools > settings > general > backup

Make sure you’ve checked the ‘enable backup’ option.

screen shot:

  1. specify when you want this backup to run, using the Windows Task Scheduler.

In Windows 8.1: start > control panel > administrative tools > task scheduler

There you should see a task called ‘eM Client Database Backup’.

screen shot:

  1. by double clicking on this task or selecting ‘properties’ in the right column, you can change the properties of this task, like when you want to run it.

Select ‘triggers’ tab page and edit their the moments you would like the backup of eM Client to run.

screen shot:

I hope this helps!

Many thanks Hans.  Your response is what customer support should have been.  I actually solved the problem on my own by figuring out where task scheduler was buried and playing around long enough with the utility to get it do what you so clearly described.  Over the years I’ve used eMclient I’ve found the support to be terse and grudging at best and cloudy and confusing at its worst.   

Hi Blichtenstein,

I’ve also never used the Task Scheduler, but to be able to answer your question, I had to ‘investigate’ it a little bit. Luckily I had a fairly good idea where I should be able to find it. Otherwise I would have searched on the internet.

To be honest, I think that the support of eM Client has improved a lot since Paul is answering questions in this forum.

Enjoy your Sunday!