Add Contact fro Email to Google Contacts

I have an IMAP email account and a Google account used for Calendar and Contacts. I received a new email and would like to add a contact from that email to my Google Contacts account. I right-click on the sender and choose “Add Contact”. When I do so, I receive the following error message, “No suitable folder was found. Do you want to enable the Local Folders and complete this action?” Honestly, no, I don’t; I have no need for Local Folders. That being said, if I do, I am prompted with a window that allows me to enter in the contact details and there is even a loaction at the bottom to select the location to store this new contact. Within this selection field, it defaults to Local Folder, however I am able to choose the path/location within Google Contacts and save this new contact suessfully to Google Contacts.

It appears to me that eM Client has a bug in this regard and is not allowing me to save a new contact to Google Contacts unless Local Folders are enabled, however there is no good reason for this to be the case.

Am I missing something? Is this indeed a bug? I am about half way through my evaluation period before I implement this for my company and would really like to get a sense of how well this product is supported.

Update: I just found out that if you instead Mouse Over the contact name and choose the “Add to Contacts” link that appears, the same error message appears for about 1/3 second and then the contact details window pops up. Looks like this bug only exists if you right click on a contact name and choose “Add Contact”.

Hello Michael,
the default for saving contacts, if the mail account doesn’t have a Contact folder assigned, are the local folders.
If the Google contacts is your main Contacts service for all your contacts I suggest adding the folders to your other mail account as well.
Go to Menu>Tools>Accounts.
Under General tab assign the Contacts folder to your account.