Add Column to Show Actual E-Mail Address

I’m new to emclient email, so excuse me if this is a very basic question. When I’m at the inbox, I like to see what the actual email address of the sender is, rather than just their “handle”, which is what the “FROM” column is. I don’t want to have to open the message to find out what the actual email address is. When I go into Column Configuration, I don’t see the ability to add a column to the inbox that would allow me to also view the actual e-mail address. For me, this is a deal killer. Is there an add-on or workaround?

I have searched for the email address to show in the columns and I cannot locate it. It only shows the “handle” as you call it. I have not found a work around or anyway to display it. Sorry, I would recommend you add that as a feature and see if they will add it.