Add CardDAV to existing account

I setup an account in eM Client for my mail server (“”) using the automatic setup.  It’s an IMAP account and it works great!  The auto setup only setup IMAP and SMTP but NO CardDAV.  On the server website ( it clearly states it can sync with CardDAV. tech support also gave me the following link to setup CardDAV with eM Client (

Here is my problem.  I don’t want to have to create ANOTHER account just for CardDAV separate from the IMAP account.  I would just like to add the CardDAV “Service” to the existing account under the “General” tab.  How is this done?  If not easy then the option should be added to modify accounts in a future release.  I was thinking I could delete the account and reinstall it manually by way of the second URL above (ie, by installing a CardDAV account.)  Hopefully this would also install an IMAP and SMTP service like it did for my Yahoo account even though I set up Yahoo through “Set up an account” “Contacts” tab.  I’m reluctant to do so because as I said IMAP is working great.

If there is no full proof easy way to handle this then I guess I won’t add the CardDAV portion of  It seems a shame though if I can’t.  BTW, I am using eM Client version 7.0.30068.0.  I know 7.1xxxxxxxx just came out but I did not want to upgrade yet unless there is something in that software version that solves my problem.

There is no way to add those protocols to the account manually in eM Client account settings. Currently you need to setup the CalDAV and CardDAV separately.

The good news is that this was recently changed for accounts using Automatic Setup, somewhere after 7.1.31085. The account now includes all four protocols. So it is just a case of eM Client developers updating the providers file to include the details for calendars and contacts.