Add an automatic salutation (Anrede) while writing a new mail

I would like to add a salutation when I write a new message. I can add one in my contacts. Like “Hello Mr.Floppy”.

So basically all data is there, that after entering the name in the “To:” field, the salutation “Hello Mr.Floppy” could already be there.

Another way would be a Quicktext which I often use in my mail composes. But there seems to be no value I can use to automatically let the “Hello Mr. Floppy” put in, based on my contact information.

Thunderbird supports this for years and also Outlook. It’s a small and handy feature which miss still every day.

These are called variables.

While composing the message, right-click and choose Insert > Variable.

Then choose an option from the contact like full name or given name.


When you click on Send, the variable will be replaced with the value from the contact. This is most useful with mass mailing, where you compose a single message and add many recipients. When you click on Send an individualised email is sent to each recipient. It works for a single message also, but I wonder if it isn’t quicker to just type the recipient’s name rather than add a variable.

Yes, it would be quicker to type the name, that’s why I ask for an automatic filling in the message box after I entered the mail of my recipient or reply to a message with a known mail. Like it behaves in Thunderbird (with Quicktext add-on) or Outlook.