Add address from incoming email to Contacts

I have 72 contacts in my eMClient but only 5 of them have email addresses. How can I get the email addresses into the contact records please? Can they be added automatically somehow?

Do you still have the original contacts somewhere else (like online) with the email addresses in all the 72 contacts ? If you do suggest to export those contacts to either a .vcf file or .csv file, and then delete your current eM Client contacts and finally reimport your 72 contacts via “Menu / File / Import”.

If you don’t have the original contacts somewhere with all the email address’s included, then i suspect you will have to manually open these contacts separately and manually enter the email addresses.

To manually enter an email address into a contact, go to contacts (bottom left in eM Client) and then either “dblclick” the contact you want to edit, or “click on the contact” and click “edit” along the top.

Thanks very much for this. Looks like I’m going to have to add them manually - ah well!