Add ability to filter a message and find all similar messages

This is a workflow feature that would make cleaning my inboxes work much faster.

I get a lot of emails from the same company, like ads, newsletters, lots of notifications, alerts, etc. In other mail clients I’ve had the ability to do something like right-click a message and choose “find similar” or at least find all message by the same sender, etc.
I’d like some way to quickly filter the current folder to all messages with same sender or similar subject lines or something like that. Then I can quickly process all those similar messages.

I realize I can just go to the search features and open the advanced area and enter an email to find, and then go select to make sure I’m in the current folder only etc etc. But first I have to open the email, open the headers, find the sender email and copy it, go to the search bar, make sure it’s only on the current folder, then open the advanced area, paste the email and search. And then when I’m done I have to clear the search to get back to normal.

Like I said this is only a workflow shortcut. I just want to right-click a message, select “find same” or whatever, and then it filters the current folder with all those similar emails. Two clicks instead of 10 or more.

You could even use the existing “filter by” dropdown, just add a couple contextual options that only show up when one email is selected, saying “Same sender” and “Same Subject” for example.

I hope you consider!

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