Add a true stationery feature to eM Client and sell thousands more.

My name is Thomas Smith and I’m co-founder of Cloudeight Internet better known as Cloudeight Stationery. There are literally millions of potential customers out there for you if you’d add easy-to-use stationery feature like the ones found in Outlook Express and Windows Mail. As you may or may not know, Windows Live Mail has a stationery feature, unfortunately is has glaring flaws - when one replies to an email it strips the CSS style sheet (hence the margins, font colors, font styles, etc.) .

It seems to me it wouldn’t be too hard to modify the eM Client to use CSS (stylized) stationery. We offer over 4000 stationery designs for Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Microsoft Outlook (2003 and prior), and we have over 500,000 visitors each month. We have mail lists of 1/4 million subscribers and we’d gladly promote the professional version of eM client on our Web sites and in our newsletters.

I think it would generate thousands of sales for you, and it would be good for us too since anyone who buya new a computer or upgrades to Windows 7 is basically out of luck if they want to use stationery - unless they want to use IncrediMail.

If you’re interested in working with us to add a stationery feature to your eM Client (and we’re talking about formatted stationery - not simple background pictures), we’d like to hear from you. I think we could generate a lot of interest in your eM Client and we could generate thousands of sales for you.


Best wishes,

Thomas Smith
Cloudeight Internet / Cloudeight Stationery

You have a great client for email, but I second needing something to replace Outlook Express. There is another post here about it:…

I removed em client because I could not use stationary easily. I’d use and buy em client if there were am easy to use stationary feature

I also wish that eM client would do this. I will use the programme as I like it, but it would be so much nicer if Cloud eight stationery could be used as some of it is stunning

Cloud 8 stationery is very nice, but the stumbling block (besides the 3 tabs and the transitions, etc. of Outlook Express), the guy on the other end has to have an email client too that can view these creations. It is one thing to have such a client, it is another to have to learn how to operate and run it.

Spicebird is unique in that it looks so much like Outlook Express. It fits like a comfy old shoe. There’s a lot of people out there that have used OE in XP and are now floundering. Windows Live Mail can receive and view stationery but you need html-kit and you have to jump through hoops to get WLM to send stationery. The average person will not do that.

But if Spicebird looks like OE (which it does) and if Spicebird can get the features that we need to create stationery (which probably can be done without too much trouble) everyone will be happy.