activesync poorly synchronizing between emClient copies

I run emClient on an office PC which is always on, and on a laptop PC that is occasionally on. Both PCs poll an Exchange server via ActiveSync. Once I answered an email, I move it to a “ReadAndAnswered” folder. With the Outlook client, the relocation from Inbox to “ReadAndAnswered” is properly synchronized to the server and propagates immediately to any other clients polling that server. With emClient, that does not (always) happen. Some emails are synchronized, some aren’t. Sometimes I delete an email from one client, and it resurfaces a few minutes later - which I think points to sync issues. Is there any remedy?

You did not say who the provider is nor what version of eM Client you are using. Would be useful as there might be some know issues.

Is your account setup as Exchange or IMAP? If it is setup as Exchange it uses EWS, if it is setup as IMAP it uses AirSync, not ActiveSync, to sync the contacts and calendars. The messaging is synced with IMAP. 

If it is setup as IMAP, you can try removing the account from eM Client, then set it up again, but instead of using the Automatic Setup, use the Exchange option. See if there is any difference.

If that still does not work for you, as a Pro License user, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

sorry for being imprecise, and thanks for the time you are spending advising me; I really appreciate. I am using version 7.2.36908.0 and I believe that I have set up the account using the automated option (but I believe that the server, which is MS Exchange 2016, is not configured to offer IMAP anyway). I will now try to set it up as Exchange. I will report on what happens!