Active Sync like with Android and iPhones (Mails, Calendar and Contacts)


I was looking for a Windows Client which can us and Mail Account like an Android or iPhone with ActiveSync.

The Reason is that ALL Details are Synced : Mail, Contacts and Calender. My iPhone does this if I add my Providers

A Windows Client doing the same would be absolutely great invention.

So Can somebody tell me how to set this up in eM Client ? Any Help is welcome…

(I tried to setup a fake Account and then changed the Servers Adress - no success)

Hi MrMail,

I think indeed that you will need to setup an account … that uses ‘AirSync’ … not ActiveSync.

I don’t think you will need to change the ‘server’ address.

Hi, eM Client unfortunately does not support activesync as the protocol was designed for mobile devices mainly.


hello,transfer contacts will be easy by Contacts Hope to give you some help.