Activation Problem

To whom it may concern:

I have used eM Client (free version) for my mail for quite some time now, and suddenly this morning it is OFFLINE due to licencing problems and can’t be reactivated. When I try reactivating I get the an error message that reads, “This computer cannot be activated due to violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.”

I have no idea what I could have done to violate the policy, as I have just used this email to send receive emails for my business.

Gideon Jordaan

Hi  Gideon,

The answer  to your question lies right in your description of the " error"  and

“…as I have just used this email to send receive emails for my business.”

That’s the violation of the policy for the free version…

Not to be used for busines and limited to 2 email accounts
More info at the very bottom of the page  see Terms of Use (PDF)

Apart from that , you agreed to the EULA when installing eM Client…
and chose  Free


I have the same problem. I am actually using EMClient for work mail. Everyone in our office uses a different client, but I prefer EMclient.

Hello Gideon,

Exactly as DiggerP explained, this is considered as the Licence agreement violation. If you have any questions regarding it, please contact me directly at: [email protected]


Russel & Digger

Just bought the pro version, seemed the easiest way to resolve the problem.

Thank you for the fast responses.


Hi Gideon,

Be aware that while the Pro llicense will give you more leeway
when it comes to business use and number of email accounts,
it’s still limited to 1 license per device.

i.o.w. the license can’t be used simultaneously on another computer.
However, transfer is possible by deactivating the license on one computer
and then reactivating on the other and vice versa.