Activation on a replacement computer

My laptop crashed! The hard drive is lost. I need to move my account to my new laptop. I can’t deactivate on the old laptop, or move the data. I have a new user name and password, but the system isn’t recognizing it. I have my activation key, but can’t find the appropriate place to put it. What do I do now?

With a Free License it is no longer necessary to deactivate the license on the old computer.

Once eM Client is setup on another computer, go to Menu > Help > License and click on Activate. Paste in the activation key.

I had to reinstall eM Client and restored from Backup, but it now says I have no License for my free version. You sent me an e-mail with an Activation Key but typing it in or copying it into the License field results in the spinning loop but still no License shown

Unfortunately there was a temporary issue with the license server.

It has now been fixed.

Please go to Menu > Help > License and if there is no license, click on Activate then paste in your license key.

If you have lost the license key, you can have it resent from this page. If eM Client is offline, so you can’t receive messages, please use your webmail interface to receive the message.

Now again today. But this time it’s acting like I never had eM Client at all. All folders are now empty and cannot Restore from my saved 4MB backup zip


This is a different issue and is caused because you have the backup zip saved inside the database folder. What happens is that as soon as the restore begins, it tries to delete the file it is restoring from.

The backup directory by default is \Documents\eM Client.
The database folder by default is C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.

They are separate for a reason.

Please remove the backup zip file from the current database folder and save it elsewhere. Then try the restore again.

I have a similar issue with my activation key. My laptop drive died and I now have another laptop. I use multiple email accounts with eMail Client Pro (I can use the key on 3 different machines). However, when I try to enter the key on the new laptop it says it has already been activated to the max allowed. I cannot use the old PC to deactivate the license on it.

What can I do?



when I try to enter the key on the new laptop it says it has already been activated to the max allowed. I cannot use the old PC to deactivate the license on it.

As you have eM Client Pro I would suggest to lodge a support ticket via the Pro Support weblink to get the new laptop key sorted out.

Also appears looking on the Pro Support page, you can use the “License Manager” to remotely deactivate the old laptop activation. See information below.

My license reached maximum activations, what does it mean? - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software (

Posted by Olivia Rust on 22 September 2021 15:12

This means that your license is activated on the number of devices your license was purchased for. You need to ‘free’ up some seats to use the same license on new devices. Either deactivate the license on the older device (Menu > Help > License) or if you do not have access to it anymore, use our License manager to remotely deactivate the older activation.

When going through to use the License Manager, what credentials do I use?



When going through to use the License Manager, what credentials do I use?

Sry unfortunately i don’t know that answer. Hopefully another Pro member on this free forum will know.

You can only use the License Manager if you have a Pro Business License.
If you do, click on the Reset Password link and the credentials will be sent to you.
The user group is User (capital U)

If you have any issues, contact me directly on [email protected]

I have a similar issue. I have two lifetime licenses - the first from 7/2014 and the second from 2/2015. One is on my ancient (but still working) desktop, the second on my Surface Pro 3 (dead for a couple of years now). I have a Surface Pro 8 and have been using the default mail program for a couple of years but in 2024 they are going to mandate a switch to Outlook for mail which I do not wish to do. I’ve tried getting the Surface Pro 3 to boot to deactivate EMClient but it is not cooperating. I have both activation codes and I believe entering them into EMClient will deactivate the previous installation (I might be wrong about this) but I don’t remember which code goes to which installation. How should I approach this? Thanks for any help.

It doesn’t really matter. If you have two licenses and only one device, just keep going as you are.

If you later want to use eM Client on a second device, activate one of the licenses on the new device. If the desktop automatically deactivates, then activate the other license on the desktop.

Too simple :slight_smile: I should have thought of that.
Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll give that a try tonight… I’m certain that it will solve my problem.

Thanks again!