Activation Key

I am trying to get the activation key for my free liecense. I used the this link ( to get the activation key sent to me, but I have not received the email. Is there another way to get the activation key?

A Free License can only be used for personal use. As that is a business email address, maybe eM Client cancelled the license.

I am grateful to get this link.  I used it to get my activation code for my free personal use eM Client.  As someone else commented in another question, there is the conundrum of it being sent to you by email, and email in eM Client cannot be accessed until the activation code is sent.  Like most people nowadays, I have several sources for my email.  I don’t have it set up on all, but they are there.  I have a cell phone, a tablet and my old laptop (which is currently in the shop, so unusable).  I could probably even use Windows Mail on this laptop to access the email being sent from eM Client.  This is in response to the person who was so upset by not being able to access the email from eM Client that contained the activation code.  That code was sent immediately to me, and all is now well and functioning.  The information as well as the link have been noted and saved, just in case they are needed again.