Activation key issues

Received message I need to reactivate my activation key however, when I try it says I am already active and the only choice I get is to deactivate

Did you try deactivating it, then activating it again?

No I did not. If I deactivate, will I to activate soon?

Click on deactivate, then immediately click on activate and paste in the key again.

Your suggestion fixed the problem… Thank you. I appreciate your help.

I have the same problem. I’ve had Emclient for years…computer died…loaded it to new computer…now says I need activation key but when I request one it says already exists?What do I do now please??

If you go to the eM Client website and enter the registered email address in theLost Activation Key page, you will be sent a copy of your activation key. Then go to Menu > Help > License and activate your key.

With a Free License, you may have an issue if it was not first deactivated on the old computer. If that is the case, then you will need to register a new Free License. As you can only register one license per email address, you will have to use another email address to register.

If you have a Pro License you can deactivate it remotely using the License Manager.

Went to website…it won’t even let me log in to my account. I don’t remember my user group name…I’m just a home user. The old computer was not deactivated because I lost my balance and fell on it so now the screen doesn’t load

 I’ve requested a key be sent several times but have received nothing

With a Pro License, on the License Manager website login screen, there is a reset password link. Click on that, enter the registered email address, and your login details will be resent to you. If you have a Free License, you  CANNOT USE  that webpage. It is for Pro Licenses only.

For a Free License, register a NEW Free License on the webpage. You cannot deactivate the license remotely. Please read what I wrote in my previous comment.

I fiddled around with account and name settings. It won’t let me use my main email name…says it is taken…yeah, it’s mine! :slight_smile: ANYWAY, it’s working now. I appreciate your time and effort trying to help me…Thanks Gary!!!