Activation Key issue with using eMClient on two computers at home

I have two computers at home with eM Client on both of them.  Am using the free version and have an Activation Key that I received when I installed it on the first computer. When I installed it on the second computer I used the same Activation Key. 

Now when I launch eM Client on the second computer I get a message that I have to activate it, so I do that.  Then when I go back to the second computer I get the same message.  So I activate that one.  Looks like you can have an Activation Key for only one computer.

How do I get a second Activation Key for the second computer?  Thanks.

you have to register a second time with an other mailadress.
Then you can use eM Client on two PC with the same mailaccount.

Hi Bonnie,
we have a one license per device policy, so you need another license for your second device.
There is also a limit of one FREE license per email address, so either register a free license with different email address or you can get a PRO account for your existing email address.