Activation fails

After installing (on Windows XP SP3) and entering a brand new license key,
the software freezes, saying there is a problem with the license server.
Any hints on how to fix it?


I find the same problem with the same problem. If someone in the media needs to respond to you, it would be a pleasure. It is not possible to close the taps to all those people still using and want to use xp. Thank you

I like Windows XP. Much prefer it to Windows 7, though I no longer use either.

Don’t know what eM Client’s official stand is on these, but Microsoft ended Windows XP support back in 2014. This means that they are no longer providing updates and patches to fix vulnerability to malware, viruses and other security issues. So it is in your best interests to upgrade to a new operating system however much you may be attached.
I guess at some stage (if not already) eM Client will also stop support for the older Windows versions.

Oh, I see this has a reply from Russel a few months back on