Activation code?

Have been using EM Client for some time now and have a free license with one account for personal use. My laptop is dying so I bought a new computer. Followed the instructions to the tee in regards to setting up EM Client in new pc. Downloaded software and then backed up data on old computer. Plugged ext HD into new pc and copied the backup to new pc. Everything worked great.
Was using EM Client in the new pc and everything was working great! Turned on the new pc this am and there was a box indicating I had no license? Strange as I sent in my email when I set up the new pc? EM Client is still working on the old pc? It indicated I send an email and my activation code would be sent to me. Did that but have not received an email even though it indicated one had been sent?

How do I activate EM client on my new pc?

Thanking you in advance.


A Free License can only be used on one computer at a time. Deactivate it on the old computer, then activate it on the new one.

If you want to use eM Client on both computers, you will need to register a second Free License.

Thank you for the reply! I understand what you have told me and I have deactivated the license on the old pc. However EM is still not activated on the new pc and I do not have the activation code?
I sent an email and it indicated one was sent but have not received one?

What do I do now to activate the new download on the new pc?

Thanks again for the quick reply as I currently have no email service on the new pc other than Win 10 Mail and that is brutal!

Thanking you in advance.


The activation key will be sent to the original registered address. Make sure you have used the exact address that you used to register it. It may also have been moved to spam, so check in the spam folder using the web interface for your provider.

If it is still not there, consider registering a new Free License. As you can only register one per address, you will need to use another email address. Some providers, like GMail, allow unlimited alias on an address. So if your address is [email protected], you can register using [email protected]. The message will come to the original Inbox, but is considered as a different address by systems like the Free License generator. (In my unqualified opinion, that is about the only use that GMail has. :-)  )

Once you have the activation key, go to Menu > Help > License. Click on the Activation button and paste in the key.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply as I am at a point where I have no idea what to do? I have checked my junk email and there are no emails from EMC with my activation code? When I entered the request it indicated that it was sent but have not received anything? I am using Hotmail so the alias is out and I have far too many contacts out there to change my email in order to register with a new one. I have business cards, hundreds of contacts etc. that would make this very uncomfortable.
I really like EMC however I need my email and with no activation code I am dead in the water. I have deactivated the old pc but I guess it was done tool late. I just wanted to ensure that everything from the old pc came over correctly
It seems really ridiculous that something as simple as a new code could not be sent to bring this situation under control. It looks like I will have to download a new desktop program and start all over again! I am very disappointed in EMC 
I was also thinking of doing another “Restore” from the backup as I know all the set up detail is there including the activation code however I am concerned that I would end up with the duplication of hundreds of emails in my Local Folders?

Thanks again for your help here and if you have any other ideas please advise as I am desperate here!

If you go to and register a new Free License. For the email address, use any fictitious address. The activation code will be displayed on the screen, so no need to receive it by email. Copy and save it somewhere.

Only problem is that of you lose that one, you can’t have it resent to you. 

Or you can write to [email protected] and have them manually send you your actual license key.


Thanks you very, very much Gary…you are a life saver! I cannot express in words how thankful I am that you replied to my original post and then stuck with me to bring this to a solution! I am back in business and I have printed the code for my files in the event that it should be required down the road.

Thank you again for your help and the time you take to monitor this forum to help those in need. It is really comforting to know that there are devoted people out there when needed. 

Thanks again and have a great day!!!

Its working :-). TNX