Activate lifetime license, and no there is no «License» option in the Help Menu

I use the 10.0.1495 Version

on Windows and am an owner of a lifetime license.

Since there is NO option for License in the Help menu, I’m stuck.

Please help me out.

Kind regards,

Version 10.0.1495 is a beta version. Beta versions don’t require a license, so the menu option won’t be there.

Wow, that was turbofast and thank you so much for your support.

So, did I get this right:

  • Lifetime license will allow me to install whatever (future) versions come up and
  • This license is per computer and I need two if I want to use EM on both machines
  • Support is not included and to be ordered seperatly

Thank you again for your support, Gary.

A lifetime upgrades license allows you to use all versions of eM Client. When version 10 is officially released, it will work with your license.

A license is per device. If you have a 2 device license, it will work on 2 devices. If you have a 1 device license, it will only work on 1 device at a time. You can activate a single device license on a second one, but the first device will automatically deactivate.

You get 1 year of priority support with every license purchase or upgrade. Once that year has passed, if you want priority support, you will need to purchase another year for all the licenses you use. But you can get support here as well, mostly from other users. We monitor the forum so you will get support from us especially for questions that fellow users can’t answer. You can find out more about support options here.

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So, I have all I need for 2 devies and can, if need be use both computer with them?

Yes, those licenses are each for one device only. So you can activate a different one on each device.