activate license

Suddenly license key is gone…popup message saying that doesn’t have a valid license…free copy version is 6.0.24928.0…kindly help me…

I am trying to find where to activate my License with the Code I have been given?   I can’t find where to do it - please help,

Menu > Help > License. Enter the code and click activate.

I am trying to find out where to put in my License Activation Code given - can you help me?

Sorry, it was some time since I activated a license, and maybe got the order incorrect.

In eM Client, click on Menu > Help > License.

When the license windows appears, click on Activate and enter the code you were given. Then click on OK.

I go to Help>License> but then instead of the above screen, my option in lower left box is “deactivate”. There is no activation box.