Activate a third pro-licence

I’ve purchades a Pro-Version with three licences. After uninstalling it on a Laptop I wanted to re-install it on a new one. But if I fill in the licence-code em Client tells me that there ist no more free licence and I had to uninstall a version. I did so but there still comes the message You see at the screenshot.

Hello Harald,
I suggest checking which license is activated and where through the licensing server. Did you deactivate the license on the old laptop or just uninstall eM Client?
I can reset your credentials to the licensing server if you need, but I only found 1 license under your forum email. You may contact me at and tell me what email addresses are your other licenses under so I can help you sort them out.


Hi Olivia,
did You receive my mail?

Hi Harald,
sorry for the late reply, I reset your licensing credentials and attached more information in the reply to your message.