Accounts Listing

I would like to thank everybody for their help. I’m still new with this email switching from Thunderbird which seems to have numerous issues right now. Anyway, is there a way to move the order of accounts and the items listed below them. Thanks

They are in alphabetical order after the system folders, although for accounts I only have 1.

To change the order of your accounts, go to Menu, Accounts, select the account you want to move and click on the Up or Down button. You can also set your default account there, i.e. the one from which you will send your messages by default.

By the way, I recently switched from Thunderbird to eM Client myself and think it was a good decision.

Good to know about accounts sorting, in case I ever decide to use more than 1 account.

I too switched from Thunderbird … about 8 months ago or so…