Account type changed by the new Google XOAUTH2 enabled version. Stopped working

Yesterday eM Client Pro asked me to install the new upgrade 6.0.22344.0.
After the installation it required to re-sign the GMail accounts with the new XOAUTH2. Fine with me. But it required to re-sign with Google also for a non-GMail account (incidentally, my MAIN work account). No way to go on without going through this procedure.
After having done this, my account shows like a GMail account (even with the old server parameters) and stopped working throwing a “#5.5.1 AUTH mechanism XOAUTH2 is not available” error.
This surely make sense, because my company internal server doesn’t use nor support XOATUH2.
Basically eM Client converted my account to a GMail account and I have no means to get it back as a normal email account.
I’m completely stuck with a very high risk of consequential damages.
Please tell me asap how to convert back my account.

Hello Carlo, sorry for the inconvenience, is it possible your main work account is running on Google Apps or using a Google Powered webmail?

If so, please try to re-setup the account using the manual setup in eM Client, as unfortunately implementing OAuth with eM Client has disabled our ability to detect if a Google Apps Partner is using OAuth or not as the authentication method is required for use with Google’s servers.

Hope this helps.

Paul, thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
My main mailbox runs on a standard server by our provider.
No connection whatsoever with Google or Google software.
I had the account set up with the IMAP protocol and all was well for at least a couple of years.
When the provider started asking for TLS authentication, it was a breeze to add it.
So I can’t understand why eM Client converted this account to a GMail account.
Now the problem is “How can I switch it back to normal behaviour ?”
How can I get rid of all the “Googlist” things and revert back to my normal authentication for this mailbox ?
For sake of completeness, I also have 2 other different account running on other servers that went untouched… These are smoothly running now.

Hello Carlo, if you’re not running on Google powered server, please make a screenshot of the issue and navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable IMAP logging for the problematic account, replicate the issue and submit the logging data to us from the Advanced settings window.

Use the “send logs” button for more information about your account.

If you’re not using a Google account, this should in no case occur with the setup service, unless a Google Partner server is involved. Unfortunately there’s no option to revert the account back to a non-gmail account, once the account is setup in eM Client you can’t change it’s defaults, except adjustments to the server address and ports - as Google OAuth doesn’t allow you to adjust this, later server address is the only adjustable option for Google Accounts.

I’ve sent the logs.
The better explaining screen shot is this

Regarding the account, I can’t understand why it’s not possible to change the type of the account.
1 - You wrote the software, you understand the config files… you surely are able to describe (or do) whatever is needed to reshape the account config.
2 - No external party is involved. No Google, no other provider.
3 - If the update was able to convert the account type… why not back ?

I add up a fact. I’m working on a number of long life projects (say, several years) so I can’t afford having my mailbox spilt in two. The account needs to be repaired and put again in full shape. And my clock is wildly ticking… I’m constrained to use the web interface (that is very limited) and some customer already complained :frowning:

Hello again, sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve forgot to include that you need to submit the logging data to my email, instead of which is linked to our VIP support, as a Free license user, you’re not entitled to use this option and the message might be returned, please re-submit the data to me and please include a reference link to this forum topic.

When this error occurs, please also switch to the “Log” tab, copy the content of the Log and submit it to us along with the other logging data.

Thank you.

Paul, any news ?
My situation is getting worse every hour… :frowning:

Hello, unfortunately we are not completely sure why this account change was made, but we’d be guessing your service provider was using Google for powering it’s webmail or servers previously.

Unfortunately as I suggested it is not possible to simply change back the account type as this is being selected during the account setup, automatically. You should however be able to resolve the problem by re-setting up your account in eM Client using manual setup. To manually setup an account please go to Tools > Accounts > New account > And use your credentials to setup the account from scratch.

If you’re using IMAP all your items should be automatically fetched from the mail server.

Thank you.

First thing, answer NO. My provider has a very long time presence in the market and offered mail services well before Google was born. So, no clue, but no Google leftovers…
Second, as I previoulsy said, I have a very large mailbox with several projects.
If I create a new mailbox I will end up loading only the CURRENT content of the server, losing 2/3 of the emails.
This will create a two headed monster. As you can easily understand, it’s very difficult to work with a project by having the email divided in two different mailboxes, one of these in read-only mode…

The thing I cannot understand is why it’s so difficult to change the account back.
If it’s not possibile through the software directly, I guess you can work on the configuration file to restore the situation.
I would be open also to put my hands on it, if you can provide me with some detail on the structure…

Failing to do so, I will be forced to leave your product. I forecast at least 3 or 4 full days of work to move all the archives to another program… a very high cost… :frowning:
This makes me very mad…

Hello Carlo, you can reimport your data back to the setup account if you backup your items using export before…

Unfortunately this is the only way how you can restore your account, there’s no option that would allow you to switch account type, it is not possible to “work the configuration file”, eM Client doesn’t include this option, the account type is set during the auto discovery fetched from your server during setup. If you’re using IMAP all your items should be synced with the server and not just locally, but maybe you’re using a POP3 account?

Export + Reimport… long but I hope is complete…
Regarding my server, I use IMAP, but a good wealth of data was deleted from the server due to mailbox size limitation…

Hello Carlo, does this mean, you were able to re-setup the account and re-import the data? Or are you still experience this issue?

Currently I’m trying to complete the export of the mailbox…
About recreating the account I will try as soon as I finish.
Another thought… if I export settings (with accounts) to xml, then correct the xml to reshape the account to non-Gmail, what happens when I import settings.xml back ?

Finished the export.
Created the new account. DESELECTED all checkboxes to avoid immediate download of messages (some 50k…). Clicked on OK.
… Suddenly eM Client starts downloading the whole hell of messages, without any way to verify BEFORE the settings nor looking at my settings.
Why are you so convinced to know my business better than I ???
This super-automation of any choice over the customer will is a plain and evident proof that eM Client is designed to fit only incompetent and unaware customers.
Business and competent users, please stay away !!!

Is that my conclusion… sadly.

Hello Carlo, the settings file doesn’t include any information for setting up the account as GMail, it simply includes your credentials. It’s not that easy.

Was your account again setup as Google? If you’re still experiencing issues with the setup, please send me an email to with a reference link to this forum topic, hopefully we can help you get going again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


first of all let me explain that the issue was followed separately by you on the forum and Juraj Micek on the VIP Support.
I tried to give all the requested information and follow tips and indication.
The net result is mixed.

From one side, I exported all mails from my old account (some 5 hours work), renamed and disabled it.
After that I recreated my account with the goal to reload all the emails from the export directory.
Immediately I noticed that, even with the indication to not take part to any email up&down load, eM Client decided by himself to start updating the mailbox.
I was then forced to go Offline with all the mailboxes to avoid increasing the mess.

I went then to reload all my email from the export directory. The process took a fair number of hours, but alas, I obtained a new, loaded mailbox with my emails that was able to connect to my server.
And then I noticed that something was going wrong.

1 - All the mailboxes showed every mail twice
2 - Some server mailbox started to show the same behaviour

I was then forces to stop again and go Offline.
Thanks God there is deduplication, so I cleaned up my whole local mailbox from duplicates.
And then went again Online, but immediately eM Client started to upload a large number of emails on the server.
I should point out that on the server I have NO DEDUPLICATION, so every duplicated mail needs to be cleaed  BY HAND.

I’m talking about 55k messages.

So the nightmare went worse…

It seems that even you have no real knowledge of what’s passing on under the trunk…
Apparently every mailbox is able to decide if and what messages belong (also) to it and accordingly act by itself…
Possibly it is why the new account was filled twice…
But in this case I have no more knowledge and control about my emails…

I’m getting crazy, and my customers are very angry for my persistent lack of mail control and presence.
Damages are piling up…

Any comment whatsoever ?

Hello Carlo, I can see you’re resolving the issue on the VIP support with my colleague, please note issue resolving is a very time consuming process, I’m sure my colleague will be with you as soon as possible.

Hope you understand.

Yes, thank you for your time