Account tags for Office 365 account don't work; only local tags do

This post refers to several screenshots, that the forum isn’t allowing me to post because I’m a new user. So instead I created an imgur gallery. Here: eM Client tag issues - Album on Imgur

My email address is from Office 365 (Exchange).

Since notifications for folders don’t work unless the rule is local (and I don’t want to have to deal with my email not reaching the right folder unless my work PC is on), I thought I could probably achieve the same result (set apart some notification-type emails to keep my main inbox readable) with working notifications by using tags instead.

Here’s the thing though: the tags appear to be broken.

No matter whether I create them from Office 365 Outlook’s Web interface or in eM Client itself, they end up in the same place – and they don’t work.

The Tags are greyed out in the sidebar.

(see imgur gallery)

If I right click there and go to Manage tags… I’m brought to the Local tags, which are empty.

(see imgur gallery)

The dropdown menu allows me to access my account tags though.

(see imgur gallery)

Here’s how it looks in the details of one of those tags.

(see imgur gallery)

I can apply those tags to a message:

(see imgur gallery)

But even after doing so, I still don’t see it in the sidebar.

Also, the tags are present in the filter menu, but clicking them does nothing. The dropdown menu is closed, and that’s it. If I open it again, the tag still isn’t checked.

(see imgur gallery)

But if I do local tags, however, it works. I can see the tags in the sidebar, and I can filter by them. (Notice how only “some local tag or whatever” is shown in the sidebar)

(see imgur gallery)

Here is the category sidebar element working properly for the local tag:

(see imgur gallery)

PS: What the hell is up with that rule about new users not being allowed to add more than 1 image? It tells me at the END of composition, when I’ve already pasted all my screenshots. Warn me in the beginning, so I can create an imgur gallery to begin with!

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We don’t display server tags in the left sidebar. Sorry.

So um, a few reactions:

  1. Why not? That’s a weird exception to make.
  2. That doesn’t address how the filters menu is broken.
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I solved this problem as follows: first delete local tags in emclient and then create the required tags in Office365/Outlook. Use the new tags in the emails in Office365 and they will appear in EmClient: in the emails and in your taglist on the left side. From that moment, you can apply these new tags in emclient and they will appear in office365 too.

I does work indeed, but I agree with Eiri it is not understandable. And futher more, this method is very unconvenient when you have a lot of categories.
Also would it be possible to have an option for the categories to display in the side bar menu only if there is some unread mail in that category ? (like in gmail basically).

Thanks everyone,