Account Setup Question For Gmail Contacts & Calendars

I am looking to replace the Windows Live Mail client on a Windows 7 PC with eM Client. I have downloaded the free version but will need to purchase the Pro version (6 Gmail accounts) if I can get it to work.  I am having a problem setting up my first Gmail account.  I want to use POP3 not IMAP since I only access email from my PC.  I delete incoming messages from the server after they are downloaded.

If I set up the account using the Automatic Setup for Gmail, it looks like it defaults to IMAP even though I have IMAP disabled within Gmail.  Setting up the account this way DOES allow me to sync eM Client with Google Contacts & Calendar which I want to do.  I cannot uncheck the IMAP check box.

Next, I tried setting up the account manually by selecting “Other” under the Mail dropdown.  This allowed me to manually set up the POP3 & SMTP server & port information.  I even received the eM Client test email message after I let it fix the port assignments.  Unfortunately, setting it up this way does not give me the ability to sync with the Google Contacts & Calendar.

How do I set up my first (default) Gmail account to run POP3 AND also sync the Google Contacts & calendar?  Am I mis-understanding something?

The remaining 5 Gmail accounts I also want to run POP3, but NOT sync their Contacts or Calendars.

Thanks - Gary

Why pop and not imap ?

I don’t access email from multiple devices.

With POP:

  • Mail stored locally, i.e. always accessible, even without internet connection.
     -Internet connection needed only for sending and receiving mail.
  • Saves server storage space.
  • Option to leave copy of mail on server. (I delete them)
  • Consolidate multiple email accounts and servers into one inbox.

eM Client solves most of these issues through their IMAP implementation:

  1.  Option to downlaod messages for offline use means you don’t need internet connection to view emails.  All emails stored locally

  2.  Smart folders combines all email accounts

If you want emails off the server, you can archive to local folders.

I found an old post that I think explains how to do it.  I’m still playing around with it but it appears to work with the latest version of eM Client.


This was the only thing that worked for me.
This will allow you to sync your Google Calendar with Em Client.
Follow the instructions for “private link”.
That’s the key here.
Please let me know if that helped! 

After figuring out how to setup eM Client the way I wanted it, I bought 2 licenses & spent yesterday morning (Sundays are quiet email days for us) converting from Windows Live Mail. Importing the storage folders from WLM took the most time.  WLM truncates longer folder names, so I had to spend time editing those in eM Client after they were imported.

The Google calendar & contacts sync great with the new S8 I bought earlier in the week.

The only irritating little problem I’ve come across is my difficulty double-clicking on a message to open it from the Smart Folders All Inboxes.  About 50% of the time I have to double-click a 2nd or 3rd time.  Maybe it’s my finger.  Didn’t have this problem with WLM & not else on the system has been changed relating to the mouse.

All in all, I’m glad I made the switch.

EDIT: I watched my wife have the same double-click problem to open an email.  We are both also having a problem when we click and drag a message in the inbox to a storage folder.  It will take 2 or 3 attempts to move the message.