Account settings lost after update

Could we make sure with future updates that ALL account settings are retained. I have lost some important emails from the server because the update modified the POP settings to delete after 7 days

But you still have them on your computer, right?

Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, I still have most of them but I had a much larger number on the server which is sometimes useful.

Yeah, POP3 is a little tricky because it is not meant to store messages on the server. Best practice with POP3 is backup regularly, keeping multiple backups, and rather than deleting messages because you assume they are still on the server, archive them if you no longer need them for day-to-day business. That way if you accidentally change the POP3 settings, or something like this happens where the settings change without your knowledge, there is some possibility they exist either in a backup or in your local folders somewhere.

I was going to change this thread to a feature request, but I think it is a bug as it used to retain settings across upgrades. Recently this has not been the case with a few things I noticed.